aka Saint Valentine’s day- or how the tradition of courtly love is flourishing more and more. How funny it is realising how so many of us run their lives based on diaries, agendas and calendars. How they need to know in what day they will see who, where, for how long. Or in which particular moment they will have a glass of wine, they will send a card or they will buy some flowers. The ‘have to’ has become the new Cesar, unmerciful emperor of our lives.

I don’t intend to blame it all on the consumerism hysteria nor on the corporate environment that is reflected in the private lives as well.  I just blame it on a lack of creativity, on a numb imagination and on a self abandon that leads to a total embracing of the conventional. And the paradox I am noticing is how each individual if asked craves a bit of unconventional and spice in their lives.

Valentine’s day, such a beautiful intention at start is nowadays the disciplined and formal coronation of feelings, the opposite to all the symphony of nuances they should be in the 1st place.  It is not this day bugging me, it’s the other days people are missing out just because they are not marked on the sales agendas and on 2 for 1 coupons.

‘Children show scars like medals. Lovers use them as secrets to reveal’.  So the lesson for today is to start revealing ourselves no matter how full our diary might be.