Though we’re past the fluffiest day in the calendar, I have to share something I found to be so very refreshing and entertaining, I just couldn’t stop giggling.  And it made me think of how crucial and premeditated creating a profile  has become for some, how many  sleepless nights they’d lose on finding the wittiest and sharpest conjunction in a phrase. And how their efforts are for nothing in the end. Maybe just for a virtual self esteem, as I hope the real one does not come from the www.

I like to call this affliction a technomiopia. Diagnosis is usually made during the first several profiles an individual is creating. If you notice them  having difficulty looking away from the computer, answering the phone, going for a stroll or having a shower (!)  we recommend a slap delicate approach as they might be over-sensitive.

You (who have the misfortune of being around such specimen) must bear in mind at all cost that it is not their fault. It is just a clear case of seeing reality more clearly when close to a monitor, while objects with no connection to a computer appear blurred or fuzzy. Reading and close-up work may be clear, but reality vision is blurry.


The severe cases require a refractive attitude surgery. It is a corrective procedure and it consists in cutting any access to laptops, desktops, iphones, ipads, blackberries for at least few hours a day. Slowly, the individual will learn to exercise the eye sight beyond screens and social profiles and in the happy cases will end up enjoying it.