Sometimes I wish I didn’t have two left hands and had actually have some talent in any sort of handwork.  I would like to see how the dexterous  and mercurial moves of my hands make something beautiful happen. Give birth to a vision. I imagine it must be such a great therapeutic release too, permuting your will and vital energy to the material, the touchable.  But, sadly,  I never went past drawing a house that looks like a lego, or a tree looking like a broom. Not to mention more complicated things like cutting, shaping, moulding, knitting..

Luckily some are gifted. They are so gifted they create what we can’t , but we want and need. They become our tools. Isn’t that what art is after all? Pure talent putting into shape the Idea in a very Platonic way of referring to the original essence of all things.

And because I greatly admire skilled people who still take pleasure in hand made, arts and crafts and anything that has a story of its own I would like every now and then to share little discoveries I make of bubbly worlds full of colours. And this the one caught my attention for the day.