I have finally seen this weekend Persepolis and I have to say I didn’t blink the whole movie. It’s been a while since the story line, the details, the music, the pauses, the whole execution of a movie make me wish it’d never end. That feeling when you know for sure the movie will come to a finish but in your mind you play dozens of possible continuances.

I can’t even tell for sure what I liked best- the dynamics, the graphics, the deeper subject of socio- political climate, of revolution, of communism as the perfect utopia (therefore impossible to put into practice) or the side drama – of belonging ,of ‘welcome my son, welcome to the machine’ growing up, of contexts, of personal choices and in the end of how true there is the vital animation is same in all of us, no matter what your religious, political, social, racial background might be. It;s about integrity and importance of being opinionated. And ohh, isn’t this a lesson we still have to learn nowadays!  Especially since the subject might as well be placed in any other part of this world. It happens to be Iran. But show me any post-revolution country and I ‘ll show you the same sort of problems and existential angst. I haven’t read the novel yet but seeing the movie I want even more so to get my hands on it.

‘ I remember I led a peaceful, uneventful life as a little girl. I loved fries with ketchup, Bruce Lee was my hero, I wore Adidas sneakers and had two obsessions: Shaving my legs one day and being the last prophet of the galaxy’.

As simple as that.