One bloke wakes up one morning, checks his email, his facebook, drinks a cup of tea, goes through the news, reads some letters from the banks and thinks ‘enough is enough’. It’s time he took matters in his own hands. He needs a job and he needs it fast. But like him there are other millions of people. What’s he got and they don’t?

He worked here and there, for this and that, done a bit of some stuff, knows better of that stuff. Then as the camera gives us a close up, we can see a whimsical grin on our bloke’s face.  He opens his CV and starts writing frenetically, biting his lips. There is no moment of doubt in his rhythm. He knows that if he wants to break through he will need to tell the world the truth. That yes, he is special. And yes, soon enough he will be any employer’s most wanted man. Because the things he’s done nobody else even dreamt of. After all, his last job title was Master Of Time And Universe while another had Vikings as his direct descendants. Who to contact for refference? God. No, it is not me saying God, or gosh. God was his latest direct manager. And though our bloke would’ve liked to avoid calling for His favour, seems the world’s economy gives him no choice. After all he needs a bread like any other.

We see our bloke stopping from typing for a second. He seems lost in thoughts. Should he write in the job description section all the odds jobs he had to do every now and then? Sure, he was upper management, but how many times was he needed to deal with mundane problems. No, better leave the details for the interviews. He smiles again. He can feel it in his guts, today’s gonna be his day. He sends the CV out and then decides to check his facebook again.