Thanks to my job I will have to participate this month to a fair. Not any fair but one estimating 20.000 visitors and having over 400 small producers and makers to showcase their craftsmanship. While part of me can hardly wait to see all the shiny goods and ‘I have to have it’ items, the other part is dragging its feet anticipating the crowds, the scrimmage, the too much of too many and over saturation of everything. But, maybe that’s only due to my last similar experience at Spirit of Christmas Fair, and as the name implies, Christmas does create monster shoppers.

Only thing I hope is I won’t have my heart broken again as it happened last time, by this perfect, almost totemic pair of -what a reductionist word this is – boots. They were everything I ever wanted without even me knowing so. The perfect dose of wellies-meet-riding boots- warm-yet-elegant-yet-comfy. I went to the stand more than 3 times, luring over them, touching them, almost caressing – at my last visit (in less than 3 hours) the girls there didn’t even bother talking to me anymore, I was clearly a lost case.

I still have their catalogue, looking at their picture every now and then. This is the moment when masochism meets fetishism? Makes me wonder.

But spring is in the air – well, more in the calendars, the air is rather wintry from where I’m standing – so maybe this fair will help me get over that foolish crush and give me an alternative. That or I will be way too busy actually working, which would mean the final capitulation in front of  capitalism. Hah.