I have never in my life imagined I would live in a different country than mine. Sure, visit, take tons of pictures to look at, be amazed and then return home and talk about it. But the idea of actually packing never ending kilograms of luggage and kissing everyone goodbye with the unknown in my eyes, was beyond any plan I had sketched for my self.  But it happened, and I landed here, in the so not Great Britain. You know how they say, if you want to make God laugh, tell him you have plans.

I won’t start narrating about how impossible the accents seemed at first or how I hated the damn coins, or how all my naive expectations about the place itself ,the vibe, the colours, turned out to be so very far from the real pulse.

What I do want to pinpoint though is the legendary British politeness which is nothing else than mere social hypocrisy served cold. And what I do notice everyday is how they, well-to-do people, brainwash their kids and prepare them for future social masquerades. And this goes down like a lead balloon for me. Who cares the kid has tantrums every couple of seconds, so what he raises the hand against you, the parent..it’s not that bad that he mocks you every time he gets the chance to..the essential is for him to smile nicely and say thank you and pardon and yes please to all your acquaintances and friends – which we  anyway all know they are not really friends, they are the people you smile to and have small chats about weather and after school clubs with, and slip a ‘what a bore’ between your teeth as soon as they turned their backs.

And so yes, if politeness implies always avoiding to speak your mind, carrying a fake jolly smile on your face which cracks like a frozen shell as soon as the companion’s gone and always pretending everything’s bloody great no matter how big the pile of shit frustrations is in your back garden, I can see why their social adequacy is such a big fuss. British politeness seems to exist within a hierarchy of social standing and they all deserve each other. But let’s not export it on the Continent please.

And this is my input for the day, to prove not all things in Britain are bad.