Decisions are never easy to make, for they imply taking the responsibility of the consequences. Options are just great when they are projected in an undetermined future, but when they become ‘here and now’, the idyllic daydreaming vanishes. Spring has always brought changes in my life – quite radical most of the times. And each time I just tackled the the gravity of the decisions by leaping before looking and speaking without thinking. And things worked out eventually. But this time, maybe because I am getting older, wiser?! or just a bit more weary, I bring my world into sharp focus, I try to  figure out exactly what needs to be done and what I get is more questions.

But in the same time I had never before felt so connected to everything around me- colours, sounds, smells, tastes. It’s sheer joy and if I could take a week off just to sit in a coffee shop looking at people passing by, I couldn’t be happier. I crave for life. Did I mention I would like a new camera too?