It’s been my birthday and luckily I could get away for the weekend. To Brighton. Long story short, sunny, colourful, crowded and smiley. This would define my last days. I would’ve liked to stay somewhere hidden and just take pictures of people passing. So much diversity, loads of details shouting for attention.

The Brighton Marathon happened same time I was there – and I must say, though I do appreciate these sort of initiatives, I like it a million times better when I’m the one on the side, strolling, enjoying a coffee, a cigg or an ice cream and looking at the poor bastards sweating their soul outs and abusing challenging their bodies.

But what I did miss most was the sea smells and all the promises they carry, as well as the seagulls and their tacky voices. Did wonders to my well being, I tell you! And wonders is what you need when getting older.:))