Summer in Britain is like a picture of Iggy Pop wearing a top – very rare and precious. Something that we all heard it’s possible, we day dream of it happening, but it’s never there. The grey London makes me sigh at my wardrobe, at my bags, at my canvas shoes and ultimately at myself. I need some sun and I need it now! The grey however ceased being just a colour and has become nowadays a way of living, a way of getting by, a way of being. Why am I saying that? Because most people I’ve talked to recently seem to be in a ‘awaiting approval’ phase – aka I want to do something with my life, I just don’t know what. Rings any bell? You see them in their 30s , they pass by us everyday, most of them have quite a few talents, some can be quite witty, the majority have degrees and silly pieces of papers stating what social role they should play by, but all of them feel as if they’d spent most of their lives in a train station, waiting for their train. But it can be rather tricky jumping on a train when you’re not sure about your destination.

Most of these people know for sure what they don’t want to do . Which you’d think it’d make it easier to get to the bottom of their call. Well, it’s not. Because what they do is they waste so much of themselves, here and there and everywhere, leaving bits of patience and exuberance and high hopes and personal goals everywhere they happen to go,  so at the end of the day, at the end of the 1st year, then the second, then the 3rd, when they think they can go on like this for maybe a couple more, they discover in the end that maybe 10 years have passed, and well, then..everything’s grey. Not dark, nor bright. Just simply grey.  And they sit on a bench in a train station in the grey Britain wondering when their train’s gonna arrive, and knowing for sure which trains they’re never gonna jump on again.

We are the unwilling led by the unqualified doing the unnecessary for the ungrateful. Or to make long story short, growing up doesn’t mean anything in particular anymore.