One of the things I love most about London is that you never know what to expect. That it has an intrinsic chemistry and  dynamic, organic in it’s manifestations and essential for my mental health. That the ‘hot spots’ can be created at any street corner and found in any little park. That people seem to have a joy of spontaneity. In clothes, makeup, hairdos, mimics, actions and reactions. That no one looks at you twice, not in a judgemental way.  That you can get out of the house with the set goal of getting this and that from the corner store and finding a dozen other things on your way there. Or that you can go for a picnic and see one of the most touching, endearing concerts of your life.  Because is simple and has rhythm and you look at the artists faces and you see uncomplicated faces.

And this is how you know that maybe you are in the right place for the time being.