Some days, especially when it’s grey outside and you can feel the wind crawling under the windows, one feels they need to grow up. To face their age and the new wrinkles and live up to them. To dress sensible and act sensible and most of all, do sensible things. Start thinking of a 10 years plan. Start putting money aside. Start living less in the moment and more in the future. Start projecting 10 steps plans for 10 big achievements.  Start being a social creature and making acquaintances more than friends. Start having dinner parties. Start caring what jobs the others have. Start sending mass -produced xmas cards to people whose names and addresses you have in an excel sheet. Start drinking only wine and deny you ever tasted beer or vodka. Start saying no to smoking. Start answering the emails on time.  Start talking about personal trainers. Start talking about international problems not because you care but because it’s such a hip subject. Start forgetting that life has colour and taste and fragrance beyond your wallet.


Stop having lie-ins. Stop having movie marathons. Stop having food orgies (ie one cheese cake in one go or a whole pizza for yourself followed by a chocolate). Stop skipping on the street. Stop humming that tune in public. Stop making silly faces at friends. Stop wearing funky colours. Stop smiling like you mean it. Stop being what you’d like.

Because you need to grow up. Because the society needs you. Because you have to be what everyone expects you to. Because you don’t want to be uncomfortable.


Then again… who am I kidding? Sun will come out again and I will return to the same old me. Only that I really do have to start answering emails on time.