Once upon a time, when people used to look each other in the eyes and togetherness was more than an abstract notion, there was a little girl who had 100 wishes, different ones every day.  What she wished for it didn’t really matter, nor did it matter if the wishes came true or not.  It was the sheer pleasure of longing, desiring, finding reasons to look forward for the days to come.  It wasn’t about wanting this or that object, a toy or a trip or a pair of shoes, it was about making bets with the weather, expecting they’d play that song on the radio, her essays being appreciated in the classroom, finding the perfect gift idea, spotting a coin on the street, running 3 seconds faster than last time. It was a little game against fate, her personal way of challenging the stars. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t. But it sure seemed fun. 

What’s happened to that girl today, nobody knows. What happened to simple, ardent wishes, nobody cares. They’ve been replaced with ‘I need’ and ‘I want’.