I’ve never been too much into the whole Halloween thing.  Though I’ve always been a consumer of horror movies ( since too early ages) and always liked to see others in fancy dress, I just couldn’t really get the idea behind the occasion.

That until last week, when I had a chance to go to a Halloween kid’s party, somewhere in Hampstead. From toddlers to teens, all wearing from funny, to ridiculous, to scary, to breath taking costumes,  a mix of excitement and emotion, early start to entering a character’s skin.  Story teller, hunting for clues around the museum and sticking and gluing terrifying finger puppets, were a few of the adventures that enchanted kids and especially myself. Ohhh, how I wish I was a kid again.  The things I missed out! Though it might be a bit late for me to look like the cutest girl bellow:



And, since today is Halloween, it means there are 55 days to go until Christmas, and maaaan, does time fly or what? So I need to start stocking up on gifts and not very easy to decide on what, for who,  will they like it?! But at least I found my salvation with the perfect personalised Xmas cards that not only are insanely cute, but the illustrations are all hand drawn, making a difference in a clip art saturated market. Pity they didn’t have Halloween stationery, would’ve gladly gotten a few, but I forgive them as they only started the project.